Hi, my name is Jakub Kulpa and I have a few things to say.

1.  It’s about your help, a friend Piotr Wójtowicz asked me for help in the last service for his younger brother Bartek, the boy is 12 years old and suffers from stomach cancer. we want his dream to come true, even if it would be posthumous. It concerns his dream movie from the Kamen Rider series. it’s about helping to create a petition and finding as many people as possible who can help (of course after the pandemic ends).
More on this topic can be found on the FaceBook KamenRiderFan created by Piotr and the jointly created YT channel of the same name. I am begging you for help in this matter. We don’t want any likes or views on Youtube, everything is written in the comments. Greetings and hope for help, and Saint Rita will save your country from the fate of Italy or the US and will lead to the end of this pandemic as soon as possible.


んにちは、私の名前はJakub Kulpaです。言いたいことがいくつかあります。

このトピックの詳細については、Piotrが作成したFaceBook KamenRiderFanと、同じ名前の共同作成されたYTチャンネルをご覧ください。この件についてお力添えをお願いします。 YouTubeでいいね!や表示をしたくないので、すべてコメントに記載します。挨拶と助けの希望、そして聖リタはあなたの国をイタリアやアメリカの運命から救い、このパンデミックの終焉をできるだけ早く導きます。